This is rich. Four months on, @USPS still can't manage to forward a single piece of my real mail, but they did manage to alert me to the imminent arrival of this high-priority communiqué.

cc: @repjimcooper — still waiting on a follow-up.

"Don't sell your soul to buy peanuts for the monkeys."
—Dorothy Salisbury Davis

Discovered via @LNMarkets’ newsletter, this looks very interesting.

“With RGB, it becomes for example feasible to transfer up to 64,000 NFTs in a single [Bitcoin] transaction, with full privacy”
RT @mycitadel_io
Time has come 😈
First -enabled wallet is ready to see the world.
Join our demo tomorrow!
🕔5pm CET
'Under the hood' view 👀👇

Interesting that @TMobile sends a privacy policy notice today for that’s retroactive to Feb 23.

Martech is scrambling for every possible loophole to compensate for the end of supercookies.

Time and time again, baffles theorists and academics. Meanwhile, it works for every day people solving real problems.

The US government’s surveillance aspirations know no bounds. Another reason to take a pass on ⁦@JetBlue⁩.

“It’s for this reason that I’m against NFTs. Getting paid is nice for the artist, but it comes at the cost of the artist having to embrace an entire scammy ecosystem, especially all the people who printed their own money.” —⁦@jimmysong⁩ coming in hot

“There have been at least 15 zero-revenue unicorns going public via SPACs in 2021 alone, The Wall Street Journal reported this weeked. That's already more than the highest annual number during the late-90s dot-com bubble… and it's March 1.”

This is fine.

First, Parler has its rug pulled, now Gab gets hacked. However one views the boundaries of protected speech, centralization is a liability to it.
RT @a_greenberg
On Friday I contacted Gab about a major breach of their backend. Their CEO responded with a blog post accusing me of "assisting the hacker in his efforts to smear our business." He followed up today w/ another post about "[transphobic slur] demon hackers." https://www.wire…

“That’s why you never hear politicians talking about ‘citizens,’ it’s all ‘taxpayers,’ as though the salient fact of your relationship to the state is how much you pay.”

— Walkaway: A Novel by Cory Doctorow

If social media has a Brutalism period, this is it: @TikTokInvestors.

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