Choosing where to store your wealth is a personal choice. If you are choosing a 2nd best that is far far behind the 1st best, that's on you.

On Ubuntu, edit ~/.bashrc, find PS1= and change \$ to \e[0;33m₿\e[0m

BOOM you've got a sign instead of the dollar sign in your command line prompt!

gettr demonstrates clearly the power of network effects -- everyone's back on Twitter, crickets on gettr.

gab is just shitty.

Mastodon is going to go on tho, it's a slow burning fire, but properly decentralized. I hope UX will improve, "Quote Tweet" is really lacking imho.

Eat meat.
Lift weights.
HODL Bitcoin.

Ideally, buy your beef with no-KYC Bitcoin from your buddy butcher who you spot in the gym.

What's your primary OS?

Boosts appreciated for sample size :)


In 2017, a group or 60 or so companies and 90%+ of mining hashrate got together to “democratically” change the rules of Bitcoin. The fork attempt was a failure. Bitcoin’s value is immutability.

Share this important bit of history with those who weren’t there.


My phone camera is ded, can't catch no focus :(

"public health" is how they use the foot in the door technique to engage in mass tyranny against the rights of the people.

This is what the medicrats and authoritarian politicians rely on to abuse people.

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Pi-hole is amazing! Highly recommend.

But took me a while to figure out you have to enable connections from other devices in the settings after installation, wtf is that not a default?

A friend of a friend is offering tax avoidance scheme:
- he has an IT company, they invoice you
- you pay them in fiat -- that's your expense
- they send you 88-90% back in

You save on taxes, and save in , how juicy is that?! :)

What is the best service to get a domain name anonymously for Bitcoin?

I used in the past, but they want my phone number now...

Moved to a new server, I hope this one works well. Time to dump twatter :)

Comfy little bitcoin mastodon instance

Here's a CoC:

Absolutely no shitcoinery.
This is a bitcoin maximalist instance.
Get triggered.
Help yourself to the peaches in the freezer.
Use your common sense.
Don't do crime here.
Read the room.
Act as you would in your own citadel.

Other Bitcoin Mastodon instances:

Check k3tan's relay page for an updated list of bitcoin mastodon instances.