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Contrary to popular belief bitcoiners aren't all super rich right now.
If you don't have bitcoin you are all super poor though.

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I wrote a trading algorithm that buys every time @PeterSchiff tweets about BTC and sells 72 hours later.

Since May, the algorithm would have executed 203 trades, achieving an annualized return of ~1000%. 65% of trades are profitable with a 3% average return.

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What's insane is that 3 yrs ago, we started an organization to get books that weren't available in Arabic, especially banned books, translated & digitized.

Now that the West is going down the same path, we need a similar program here. Via @bariweiss:


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'Old man' advice for the newly Bitcoin/crypto rich ....

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"We should wear masks even if it just saves one life"
*bombs Syria*

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Saxion vocational university in Netherlands started a course “What is Bitcoin” based on BSV.

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The purpose of this is not to recruit zombies, it's to add a veneer of legitimacy to the scam layers. twitter.com/bitcoinkatia/statu

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Oh my god. This is all INSANE. WERE HAVING A MASS DELUSION. You guys, did you know bitcoin has no INTRINSIC VALUE. O shit. O god. My savings. What have I done. Mah familie...

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