gm fam Craig Wright owes $100,023,287.67

"we've both had to deal with ill-informed and vicious critics...time has demonstrated that we were simply living in a future that they didn't yet recognize"
--CSW to Elon Musk

"Musk is a marketing asshole. A scammer."
--Also CSW

gm Craig Wright owes $100,021,917.81

"Defendant has failed to present credible evidence that Ms. Wright was a member of W&K" -- US District Judge Beth Bloom

gm Craig Wright owes $100,019,863.01

Post-judgement interest is BSV's Number Go Up technology! Boom. Yup.

Gonna be a great year fam. Craig Wright owes $100,017,808.22

"CSW didn't even know that Bitcoin addresses have a checksum built in."
-- Roger Ver

hny Craig Wright owes $100,017,123.29

"Dr. Wright’s story not only was not supported by other evidence in the record, it defies common sense and real-life experience"
-- Judge Bruce Reinhart

gm Craig Wright owes Ira Kleiman $100005205.48

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