Tell me Satoshi Nakamoto never read "The Sovereign Individual".
Only just started reading it, but it makes me want to go back in time and fix the money.

Ok, I just got my beautiful new Onyx Boox Max3. Help me out.

The bitcoin standard
The fiat standard (when released)
Mastering bitcoin
The sovereign individual
The creature from Jekyl Island

What else?

Who wants to come to my 1,000,000 block party, mid 2027?

Are you ready for all the node runners posting about block 666,666.
I might go off social media for a little while 🤣

Anyone talking about negative effect on the environment is either too simple-minded to think critically, or is in bed with the FED.

Ok, got an update on Mastodon server support for Start9 Embassy support.

They are well aware of the migration of bitcoiners to Mastodon and have reacted quickly. They were going to release the update with Mastodon support, but admitted the UI was still a bit clunky - but it IS coming very soon.
What does this mean?
If you want to run your own instance, but lack the skills of setting up a server, go buy an Embassy now so you're ready for when the update drops.

Got my Start9 Embassy up and running today. What an awesome product.
I have messaged the development team guaranteeing them unbelievable success if they can implement a Mastodon instance server application.
Bitcoiners understand the importance of decentralisation, including social media, even if they don't know how to implement it in a secure way.
They will flock to someone who can create this for them.
$ & ₿ are up for grabs.

Anybody selling a cheap pixel3? 😉

Gotta get through my to-do list for 2021.

It was fun listening to Andreas' analogies, but unfortunately I won't be sharing this with my pre-coiner colleagues due to it's extreme cringiness. But worth a watch for you, my friends.

I used to hate the color orange.
My favorite color is now orange.
Everything in my apartment is either black or orange.
Orange coin good.

I started going to gym with a friend of mine (yet to buy any bitcoin). He's been going to gym for years and has automatically become my personal trainer.
Yesterday I told him I'd pay him 2000 sats per session. He realises how little that is, but also he realises that $20 WHEN we hit $1M. He is now woke as fuck and his head is down the rabbit hole.

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Shoutout to @cryptocloaks and @COLDCARDwallet for helping me secure my keys and be my own bank.

Well, I just followed over 300 staunch bitcoiners from, raising some awareness that the citadel is now open. 👌

Massive shout out to @nvk for taking us all in when birdsite failed us.
I have now moved to the citadel.

The Citadel

Comfy little Bitcoin Mastodon instance