Glad to see so many more people starting to understand how rigged the whole thing is. Making money bc you are an asshole is one thing, but changing the rules when you lose is insane. They fucked up by showing everything so clearly this time.

When I retire, I going to tell everyone it was GME stock.

The stonk market is being radicalized. Good luck FED, hope that was on your bingo board.

WSB team will be declared Stonk Terrorists soon

All good, bitcoin and chill. Always going to be more drama, especially as more people start paying attention.

If they went on a double date with Stephanie Kelton and Neel Kashkari, all the world problems would be solved.

πŸ‘€ It's probably nothing.
RT @APompliano
.@michael_saylor being a boss as always πŸ”₯

Lol, how you doin? I'm 6.15 gigachad, you can come to my party

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