When I retire, I going to tell everyone it was GME stock.

WSB team will be declared Stonk Terrorists soon

πŸ‘€ It's probably nothing.
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.@michael_saylor being a boss as always πŸ”₯

Most of my life I have done things and they made more sense later. Bitcoin is a big one of these things, but it is so much more. Maybe it's a survival biased direction, but it doesn't feel like it. It's like a calling that doesn't make sense until you look back. I wonder if that drunken hodl guy was looking at that?

Really glad all of the banks crushed earning estimates for Q4. They worked hard for that. Honest work for an honest dollar.

Satoshi saving our asses showing up more every week. Money and politics are a race to the bottom.

There is only so much hate and conspiracy that you can put in a tweet (hodl my beer):

In case you missed it, my NYMag piece on Bitcoin, and what explains this rally. Nothing new in here, but my attempt at a complete explainer


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Tether crew taking to the field hard these days

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