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The Constitution of Natural Law
I the individual, responsible for my life, liberty and pursuit of meaning.
1st Amendment
2nd Amendment
Self custody

The End

Live your life, own your time.

"We're dumbed down and it's been going on for a long time. The screens have dumbed us down. We've been watching video online since RealVideo. We're used to crap, we don't care…" β€” @adam #noagenda 1309

Pressure building up. It's just a matter of time. Hold on tight but soon. We'll be eating fruit right off the tree. " I'ma gonna get mine "

I just received a video from Israel (Netanyahu) 5 million Israelis have received the vaccine and he now says they will need vaccines every six months for the next three years. Trying to get a translation.

Our educational system may not teach students much math or science, but students learn from gutless academic administrators that mob rule is the way to get what you want β€” and to silence those who disagree with you. #Mises #Science

bot list:

"Bitcoin is a very bad way to way to do things illegally because it can be tracked…what is this mysterious bullshit? If it went to some insurrectionist, domestic terrorist, tell us who! Where's the indictment?" β€” @adam #noagenda 1314

Just unfollowed @mattodell

Is it just me or is his fucking bot like a morning stuck vomit ? All at once and then gone. He is never engaged here at all. Even tho it would give more privacy and all that other shit he spews forth daily. Practice what ya preach or shut the fuck up. Jesus christ the false conviction in the bitcoin community is fucking astounding... But not surprising.

You take the king's coin, you become the king's man.

To be truly free, take the coin without a king, or a committee or a foundation.

#Bitcoin is freedom.

When someone tries to buy all the world's supply of a scarce asset, the more they buy the higher the price goes. At some point, it gets too expensive for them to buy any more. It's great for the people who owned it beforehand because they get to sell it to the corner at crazy high prices. As the price keeps going up and up, some people keep holding out for yet higher prices and refuse to sell.

@GunnarStoedle it's a long road full of twist and turns to find freedom and peace. This is two guys who took the road less but it lead to bitcoin and the rural life. Lots a laughs along the way.

Moe Factz with Adam Curry for February 23d 2021, Episode number 59 -- Adam and Moe discuss the impact and intent of critical race theory

I'd just like to say I have no laser eyes, I don't have a cold card, I don't trust the "bitcoin heros" and I don't post deep thoughts that have been posted a million times. But I do have a nice bag, I have a hardware wallet connected to my node,on my own private server and I'm pretty good a drinkin beer. Oh yeah a my conviction is a Mexican stand off kinda conviction. So do with that what you will. Fun on a barstool

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